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Witness the power of  a 420 HP middle engine from the R8 4.2FSI V8 Coupé and enjoy how the V8 enfolds his power from the back.

 The R8 4.2FSI V8 Coupé is available for short- and long-term rent exclusively available at R8 Munich.

Delivery and pickup around Munich is included. Our delivery and pickup service is also available in Germany and some parts of Europe.

Audi R8 4.2FSI V8 Coupé: A driving experience for all senses – rent from 499€ / Day




1 Day: 
from 499,00 €
from 1199,00 €
from 1.990,00 €
from 4.490,00 €

Enjoy the maximum you can get when it comes to driving experience and test the Audi R8 4.2 FSI Coupé.

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Engine: V8-Zylinder-Ottomotor
Engine size: 4204 cm²
Power: 430HP
Gearbox: 6-gear
Tires: 235/35 R 19 front 305/30 R 19 back
Empty weight: 1600 kg
Tank capacity: 90 Liter
Max. Speed: 301 km/h
0-100 km/h: 4,6 seconds
Strike price: 122.800 €
Color: icesilver metallic
Sideblades: Carbon Sigma
* Fullleather features Audi exclusive Schwarz
* Designpackage monoposto Audi exclusive in fine nappa Leather
* Audi Parking System Advanced
* lightpackage
* Audi magnetic ride
* Bang & Olufsen Sound System
* Dekorinlays in Carbon Sigma
* Cruise Control
* Cell Phone Adapter (Bluetooth)
* Inner mirrors blend off automatically, mit light- und rainsensors
* Suitecase-Set
* etc.