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The Tesla Roadster Sport is powered by  an 292HP 375 volt AC induction air-cooled electric motor with variable frequency drive. Thanks to the electic motor you are able to use the full amount of torque at the first second, and accelerate in breathtaking 3,7 Sek. From 0 to 100km/h. Rpm’s up to 14.000 per minute will definetely give you a great thrill. The car body of the Tesla Roadster is completely made out of carbon fiber. This kind of material is only found in vehicles from the racing scene and gives the car the perfect weight distribution.

Another highlight is the go-kart like feel thanks to the suspention and road handling, which gives you direct response to your handling.

All together you will get a very unique expirience driving this exotic car, because of the low road position, the lightweight materials and the innovative electronic motor, a unique drivingdynamic makes this expirience unforgettable.

Tesla Roadster Sport: The ultimate electric car –  rent it from 349€ / Day




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from 349,00 €
from 899,00 €
from 1.399,00 €
from 3.999,00 €

The Tesla Roadster Sport is the fastest car produced by Tesla. A must for all fans of innovation and technical progress!

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Engine: Induction electric motor
Gear: 375 Volt with 900 Ampere
Power: 292HP
Gearbox: automatic
Tires: 195/50 R 16 W front 
225/55 R 17 W back
Empty weight: 1220kg
Max. Speed: 201km/h
0-100 km/h: 3,7 Seconds
Strike price: 118.000 €
Color: Thunder Gray
Rimcolor: black
Diffuser: Carbon
 Fullleather features